Using Chemical Feed Pump Systems to Increase pH

By: Michael Urbans

Traditional limestone or calcite neutralization systems are designed for ease of use however, higher flow rates can result in inconsistent treated pH levels.  Chemical injection systems are installed by dealers who want more control over the neutralization process.   To get even correction of variable flow rates, installation of a chemical feed pump system, such as Stenner, is recommended.  This is especially important for commercial and industrial applications.

NSF certified sodium carbonate, soda ash, Pro Products Nutra 5 and Nutra 7 are suitable for residential use.  Potassium carbonate is also used but very expensive.  Sodium hydroxide may be used in industrial settings where chemicals are safely handled.

Stenner Chemical Feed Pump System

Stenner Classic Pump System

Why treat with soda ash?

Chemical Feed Pump Operation

A typical residential application requires a chemical feed pump with a maximum setting of 30-50 gpd (gallons per day) and a suitable chemical storage tank with a childproof cap.

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