Using Tank Internals: What’s in your tank?

By: Michael Urbans

Using Proper Distribution Systems – Tank Internals

The distributor system (aka tank internals) plays a vital role in the performance of all water conditioners regardless of size.  Typical problems of poorly designed or manufactured distribution systems include:

What’s in your tank? 

Riser Tube, Standpipe, Distributor TubeRiser

Hub & Lateral Tank Internals

When to Use Gravel Sub-Fill

Carbon Filters - Backwashable TypeYesIf recycling carbon, separation of gravel from carbon is required.
Carbon Filters VOC RemovalNoBackwashing a carbon filter used for VOC removal will upset the mass transfer zone and may result in leakage of the contaminants.
Acid NeutralizersYesUpflow & Downflow systems
Softening - UpflowNoN/A
Softening - DownflowYes Creates a better flow pattern.


Urbans Aqua offers standard and custom distribution systems.

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