Water Softener Valve Electronics – A Tale of Two Toilets

By: Michael Urbans

A water treatment dealer called with a water softener performance issue. The conversation usually starts out the same- “I’m having trouble with that system X we bought last month”.  The home owner is complaining- the system is burning through salt at an alarming rate for just two people.  I asked the usual questions: Bypass open? Are there error codes on the softener valve?

Softener Valve Electronics to the rescue!

I’ve been a water quality guy for over 30 years. In the beginning, I was no big fan of the electronics on water softener valves.  These valves were nothing more than fancy lamp timers adapted for water softener use.  But we’ve come a long way baby!

The new electronic platforms incorporated on filter and softener valves have impressive capabilities.  Water treatment professionals can now perform water forensics!

Ah ha, our dealer’s customer used over 700 gallons in a single day.  No irrigation, no pool, no wild parties, no teenagers?  Hmmm?  It turned out the customer had two toilets just quietly trickling away.

With the built-in water meter tied to the electronics, the water treatment professional was able to see that trickle on the readout display.  The home owner couldn’t believe his eyes. He was astounded “that little leak” added up to 700 gallons in a single day.  Toilets fixed, water saved, happy customer.

Bottom line is if your water softener is over 10 years old, consider upgrading to a modern water softener valve with the electronics package, or invest in a new high efficiency water softener.  The salt and water savings are huge.  Besides, the new user-friendly electronic softener valves will prove how much water those teenagers are really wasting!



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