Coal Base Activated Carbon Overview

Bituminous coal is the raw product used to manufacture granular activated carbon (GAC).  The activation process creates a porous structure within the carbon.  The surface area produced within the coal is massive and capable of removing a variety of contaminants.   Coal based GAC pores vary in size making it useful for the reduction of a wide range of contaminants regardless of their molecular size.

To assure product consistency Calgon coal base products are reagglomerated, not direct fired (crushed, sized, baked and activated).

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Reagglomerated activated carbon manufacturing process:

Benefits of reagglomerated process:

Activated carbon adsorbs contaminants (adsorbates).  The adsorbates stick to the pore; they are not absorbed into the carbon.  Coal base activated carbon is an excellent general-purpose carbon.

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*Consult UA for information on adding hydrogen peroxide to enhance reduction of these contaminants.