Reticulated KDF Cubes

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary “reticulate comes from the Latin word reticulum meaning small net.  Scientists use reticulate to describe a net like formation of veins, fibers or lines that cross something.”  Similarly, KDF reticulated cubes have a net like structure.  The reticulated KDF cubes share the same treatment properties as KDF but not its inefficiencies: frequent backwashing at high flow rates, channeling and packing resulting in high pressure drop.  The net like structure of the cube allows for higher flow rates and easy backwashing.

KDF Cubes with KDF-55

KDF Cube Applications:

Municipal Water Dechlorination

Granular activated carbon effectively removes or reduces chlorine and chloramine.  Commercially available point of use filters and pitchers contain KDF -55 or KDF-85 because of its bacteriostatic properties.  Adding KDF cubes will prevent or inhibits growth in the carbon tank or cartridge.  Adding KDF cubes to your customer’s whole house carbon exchange tanks or filters produces the same effect.

Well Water

KDF-85 is recommended for the treatment of up to 5 ppm of iron, 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide and iron/sulfur bacteria. Through an electrochemical reduction process these contaminants are removed from the water.  The weakly bonded precipitates adhere to the KDF cubes and must periodically be backwashed and purged from the system. For more information on well water applications contact Urbans Aqua.

Engineering Guidelines

KDF Cubes remain on the top of the bed through the backwash cycle. The manufacturer uses a smaller particle size of KDF which gives the KDF Cubes a much larger media surface area than the same amount of granular KDF. KDF-55/85 cubes are proven to be 3-8 times more efficient than the standard large granular KDF.

KDF Cube and GAC Tank Sizes *

Tank SizeKDF/GAC Capacity (Gallons)Cubes lbs.Carbon lbs.Carbon Cu.Ft. Carbon Cu.Ft. Total Volume in ^3 Service Flow**
7x35250,00050.25120.421165.58 gpm
8x44375,00080.4220.772007.6510 gpm
10x44600,000120.6321.123026.7412 gpm
12x521,000,0002015725125.93218 gpm
14x652,000,000301.511449379.2325 gpm

*KDF-55/GAC is recommended for free chlorine treated municipal water.  KDF-85/Catalytic GAC is recommended for chloramine treated municipal water.

** Service Flow estimated based on flow restrictions of the housing size and typical pipe size

Service Flow8 gpm
Bed Expansion/Backwash*10-15%
Purge/Rinse3 Minutes
Free Board*20%
pH range (potable water)6.5 - 8.5
Water Temperature35° - 150° F.
Capacity950 grams/cu. in.
Volume22 lbs./cu.ft.
Displacement10.5 - 12% Foam Volume**
Shelf Life1 year; must keep moist.

*Backwash not required for all applications

**18 oz. bottle filled with KDF 55/85 Cubes holds 16 oz. of water when filled.

Download KDF Cubes Engineering Guidelines – Tanks

Storage: KDF Cubes must be kept damp at all times.

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