Lignite Base Activated Carbon Overview

Lignite coal, “often referred to as brown coal, is a soft brown combustible sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat.” (Wikipedia) It is used as a base product for the manufacture of granular activated carbon (GAC).  Compared to coal and coconut base carbons, it lighter in weight (lbs. per ft3), lower in iodine number and higher in molasses number.

Choosing Activated Carbon by Application - Specialty Carbon

 Coal BaseLignite Base
Type/ManufacturerF400AR+/ F600AR+ 1240
GAC40Plus 1240
Norit Americas
Centaur NDS 1240
Hemoguard 1240 CalgonHD4000 1240 Lignite
Norit Americas
Taste & Odor
Chlorine Removal - Dechlorination
THM - Disinfection By Products
Pre-Filtration Reverse Osmosis
Pre-Filtration Demineralizer - Regenerable
PEDI - SDI Exchange Tanks
Chloramine Removal, Reduction
Color Removal
Low Level VOCs - Gasoline, Benzene, Toluene, TCE
High Level VOCs - Gasoline, Benzene, Toluene, TCE
Kidney Dialysis
Hydrogen Sulfide
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Benefits & Advantages

Lignite base GAC pores are large making it useful for the reduction of similarly sized contaminants such as color pigments.  Activated carbon adsorbs contaminants (adsorbates).  The adsorbates stick to the pore; they are not absorbed into the carbon.



Norit Americas (Formerly Cabot)

PFAS Removal

Norit -Infosheet-Removal-of-PFAS-from-Ground-and-Surface-Water

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