Pentair Autotrol Valves Overview

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Autotrol has a loyal water treatment professional customer base.  When dealers discuss Autotrol the comments include “battleship”, “workhorse” and “they don’t break”.  These extremely durable valves have a time honored operating platform.  Autotrol valves are for residential only and except for the Magnum, are not suitable for commercial service.

Visit our PDF Library for technical specifications and product manuals on Pentair Autotrol Valves.

Autotrol Valve Features

Autotrol 255 Control Valve

Applications – Residential Softener / Filter


Autotrol 263 & 268 Control Valves “Performa”

Applications – Residential Filter (263) / Softener (268)


LOGIX 740/760

LOGIX is a simple electronic platform used with Autotrol Valves

Logix 740

Logix 760