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Stenner, established in 1957, manufactures peristaltic pumps for reliable and accurate dosing of liquids solutions for disinfection, oxidation, pH adjustment, iron sequestration and corrosion and scale control.

The Stenner pump line includes:

Why dealers should choose Stenner?

Why a Stenner peristaltic pump?

Water Conditioning Pump Applications

In Stock Stenner Pump Models

Classic Fixed Rate single head & ECON FP

Classic Fixed Rate Single Head

The electromechanical Classic Single Head Fixed Output Injection pump works well with controllers.  One of four types in Stenner’s Classic series, it is a peristaltic metering pump that injects solutions at a fixed rate.  It can be activated by a water meter for proportional feed when treating residential drinking water.


Econ FP is activated by flow and offers 3 control capabilities to choose from all in one pump.

The Econ FP is perfect for light duty applications such as drinking water disinfection or pH adjustment.  This pump features an enclosed housing, is wall mountable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The Econ FP has three models with maximum outputs of 4.5, 16 and 30 gallons per day up to 80 psi max.

Stocked Stenner Pumps

Stocked Stenner Accessories


The PCM is a time adjustable controller for use in proportional dosing for constant pressure (variable speed) well pumps and applications with varying flow rates requiring proportional injection.

The PCM powers a fixed rate output pump. It operates with a pulsing dry contact water meter that sends a signal to the PCM which actuates the pump to deliver the desired dose based upon water flow.  The PCM offers flexibility with water meter selection. To customize your own proportional feed installation, meters are available in plastic or stainless steel with a variety of sizes and pulse rates.

Stocked Stenner Accessories


Stocked Stenner Parts

Pump Tubes – The pump tube is the workhorse of the pump and requires scheduled replacement according to the needs of each individual application.

QuickPro® Pump Head

The patent pending QuickPro® pump head is easily identified by the collapsible roller assembly with latches (not screws) that secure the cover.  For quick service, replacing the pump head assembly is a convenient option.


Check Valves

The injection check valve is included with pumps rated 100 psi maximum

The injection fitting is included with pumps rated 25 psi maximum


Check Valve Parts

ECON Mounting Options

EC304 Mounting Kit for wall mount or Stenner tank