Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems – Reverse Osmosis Systems

Urbans Aqua stocks Reverse Osmosis Systems for quick delivery.

Your customers expect their drinking water to clean and clear.  Urbans Aqua offers standard and premium reverse osmosis RO systems which conveniently fit under the kitchen sink.

Visit our PDF Library for technical specifications and product manuals on drinking water systems

These point of use (POU) RO systems are designed to drastically reduce a variety of harmful contaminants including:

These drinking water systems are often sold as a compliment to well water treatment systems such as water softeners, iron removal filter or neutralizers.

Municipal water supply (tap water) consumers will also benefit from vastly improved water quality.

Drinking water systems by Pentair – Freshpoint Reverse Osmosis Systems

A Fresh Take On Filtration:

3 Stage – GRO-350B

4 Stage – GRO-475B & GRO-475M

5 Stage – GRO575B & GRO-575M