Ultra Filters

Urbans Aqua stocks WQA Gold Seal certified chemical free Ultrafilters for quick shipment to our dealers.


Technical Overview

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which forces like pressure or concentration gradients lead to a separation through a semipermeable membrane. (Wikipedia) It is used to separate out suspended matter, bacteria, viruses, cysts and tannins from water.

UA Ultrafilters

Urbans Aqua is an authorized distributor of Master Water Conditioning’s UltraPro with proprietary UF technology.  This system achieves a 6-Log (99.9999%) reduction of bacteria and a 4 log cyst reduction.

Aids in the reduction of:

UtlraPro Features

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Ultrpro Application Guide

Ultrapro Brochure

Owner’s Manuals

Manual Master UltraPro10

Manual-Ultrapro10 with Autoflush & Treated Water Regen BladderTank

Manual-Ultrapro with Autoflush MCA Valve Programming