It’s Your Water Podcast Posts 35th Episode

By: Denise Urbans

It’s been almost 2 years since since Urbans Aqua launched the podcast, It’s Your Water. We’ve had more than 3,000 downloads!

We’ve kept our word- It’s Your Water is an educational podcast, not a sales pitch. We’ve discussed new and old products, had conversations with industry experts & technicians, and taken deep dives into topics such as pH, anion resin, and organics removal. Our most popular podcast continues one of our first on understanding pH. Running a close second is OMG My Hair Turned Green!

The easiest part of a podcast is the recording. The hardest part – finding new topics and people who want to discuss a topic. I suspect this is as a result of our booming economy. We’re learning how hard it is to introduce new products into the marketplace. Potential customers are just too busy to stop what they normally do and learn about the latest and greatest water treatment product. Eventually they will get around to it – maybe when the market cools off.

If there is a topic we haven’t covered let us know. We’re always looking for good ideas!