Outsource Training & Get Back to Doing What You Like!

By: Denise Urbans

Back when I owned a company with 30 plus employees getting the product out the door was the least of my problems.  The most pressing and frustrating challenges revolved around training.  We had annual safety training, driver training, forklift training, train the trainer training, ergonomics evaluations, sexual harassment training, and then there was employee onboarding and exit interviews.  After I sold the company and worked for new ownership it became more challenging because with the training came more reporting.  To say this was the least favorite part of my job is an understatement.

To avoid this I sub-contracted as much training as I could and it was worth every cent!  I hired a safety consultant to give the classes and our employees actually looked forward to seeing her every year.  She loved her job and it showed.  I was fortunate because sales training was done by our very experienced sales manager. But not every small company can afford to hire a sales manager.  Finding a good experienced manager isn’t easy or inexpensive.  I know Candice Wentling through my association with WQA.  She is an excellent speaker and even better sales trainer.  Candice is a Master Water Specialist who understands your business. If you are a dealership looking to increase sales consider outsourcing sales training.  This investment in your employees and yourself will pay dividends.

If you want to learn more about Candice’s company give her a call 931-451-8433 or check out the website. Certified Action

Hiring a Consultant   

In our latest podcast Candice brought up a point I never considered.  If doctors belong to their respective medical associations shouldn’t water professionals belong to an association whether it’s WQA or the Ground Water Association? Listen to Candice & Michael’s Podcast –  It’s Your Water Podcast

Urbans Aqua does not offer consulting services or training.  We help water treatment dealers solve water problems.